Canteen Payment

The main reasons for introducing cashless payment in the canteen are:

Sagio offers a full range of canteen solutions that can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs including:

  • Credit Payment
  • Money on Card Payment
  • Self-service Payment
  • Payment with all types of card incl. contactless cards
  • Payment by mobile phone
  • Payment in vending machines
  • Payment in different canteens within the same company
  • Recharging of the employee’s card from the employee’s salary account
  • Recharging of the employee’s card via a website
  • Connecting credit card terminals to Sagio canteen solutions
  • Cloud-based and simple administration of assortment and prices
  • Cloud-based accounting module that can be accessed anytime from anywhere

Sagio customers are free to choose which of these features they want to have implemented in their canteen solution.

All Sagio’s canteen solutions are known for high operational stability. In the event of unforeseen problems, Sagio’s competent support department secures a quick solution. Sagio’s canteen solutions can be serviced remotely thus reducing service time and cost considerably.

Contact Sagio to learn which canteen solution satisfies your needs the best or to meet one of our many satisfied customers.