A Sagio canteen solution has a short payback time

With a Sagio solution, the canteen can become cashless, which improves the operating results because:

Increased Revenue:

  • The staff can process orders faster because neither the staff nor the customers waste time on handling cash. The staff can, therefore, handle more customers, and the customers enjoy spending less time waiting in lines.
  • A self-service canteen increases revenue because opening hours can be extended without any extra cost.
  • In the cashless canteen, customers are never out of cash – but enjoy always having money on their card or in their credit account, which increases their ability and willingness to buy.
  • Faster operation with less queuing increases the customers’ desire to use the canteen.

The canteen staff saves time:

  • The staff enjoys reduced processing time per customer
  • The staff does not spend time on counting cash, exchange money or making bank deposits.
  • The staff does not spend time on ‘accounting’ as the canteen’s accounts are calculated automatically with Sagio’s accounting module.
  • The staff does not waste time on disruptions caused by coins stuck in vending machines – or emptying and filling of coins in vending machines.