Card Production

Sagio customers typically have four critical requirements for their production of ID or debit cards and the associated management software:

  • Security: Both the users and the company must be secured against others accessing data on the card such as the user’s ID, specific access rights or the money on the users debit card.
  • Efficient administration: It must be efficient to issue flawless cards, to block cards and issue replacement cards or guest cards. Finally, it must be possible to document all user transactions.
  • Design: The user’s card must comply with all the company’s design requirements, including requirements for printing of logo in the correct colors, use of special graphical security codes, durability, etc.
  • Reliability: Because each employee’s daily work depends upon each employee having a functional card, the company’s card-production must not be hampered with operational problems.

Sagio’s customers can choose between a) outsource the company’s card production to Sagio – see Sagio’s Service Bureau – or b) keep the card production in-house.

Sagio offers a variety of solutions for in-house card-production. From the simple solution where Sagio supplies and services card printers and the related software to the more advanced self-service solution with a Sagio Self-service Card-issuing machine where users ‘produce’ their own cards by entering their personal data, uploading photos, etc.

Sagio’s card production solutions are based on Sagio’s user-friendly administration program – Essay©.

Essay© is modular and offers the a number of features including:

  • Custom import of from a range of options e.g. CSV, LDAP or Active Directory
  • Countless design options for cards and cover letters
  • Integration with third-party products
  • Automatic identification of errors, which reduces downtime significantly
  • Connectivity and administration of all hardware devices requested
  • Automatic detection of all system actions
  • An integrated accounting module giving management a complete overview

Essay© holds the user as the focal point thus making it easy and straightforward to both issue new cards and cancel existing cards. Essay© is unique as you can issue cards which will be operational in the customer’s complete system covering both the payment-, registration-, access control- and ID system in just one production run.

Sagio’s card administration and production are known for high operational stability. If the need for service arises, our clients are in addition ensured a fast and competent assistance from our own support department.

Please contact Sagio to learn which card solutions best satisfies your needs.