Copy & Print

Sagio’s copy and print solutions provide:

Sagio offers a full range of copy and print solutions, which can be tailored to your specific needs – including the following options:

  • Registration of both print- and copy usage
  • Payment for both print- and copy usage
  • Internet Protocol Printing (IPP); a safe and Internet-based printing method
  • Follow-Me printing, where the server keeps the print job until the user identifies himself at a specific printer
  • Print via drop box, email, Google cloud, smartphones, and tablets
  • Print via personal ID-/payment cards
  • Online topping up ID-/payment cards
  • Print on printers in different locations within the same group of companies
  • Custom rules for printing
  • Backup servers ensuring no downtime
  • Universal hardware terminals – which are compatible with all devices
  • Reporting module to be accessed anytime from anywhere
  • Two payment options:
    • Immediate settlement when the print or copy is picked up
    • Registration of all copy- and print jobs with billing at the end of the term

All Sagio’s copy and print solutions are characterized by high operational stability.

Contact Sagio to learn which copy and print solution satisfy your needs the best.