Sagio’s copy- & print-solutions reduces cost

Printing cost consists of the cost of paper, toner, ink, depreciation of printers and support of the total printing solution. With a Sagio print solution, all these costs can be reduced significantly.

Fewer waste-print

With Sagio’s printing solution, the user can only receive the print when he identifies himself and selects the correct print at the printer. This reduces printing costs because:

  • No draft print jobs are printed as only the correct version of the print job is selected and printed.
  • No print jobs are lost or taken by another user.

Printing Rules

With a Sagio printing solution cost-saving printing rules can be introduced, which can:

  • Encourage the user to use the most economical printer
  • Ensure that specific prints are printed in black/white and on both sides
  • Cancel print jobs not printed within a specified time limit

Registration of consumption

A Sagio printing solution can record all print jobs per user, department or project. Therefore, users and management become more aware of the actual consumption. It is documented that registration of the actual print consumption reduces overall printing consumption and costs.

Optimizing the number and type of printers

A Sagio printing solution provides a good overview of the consumption by different types of printers. This enables management to optimize the number and type of printers, which will reduce the total printing cost.

Effective integration of a single solution

Sagio’s printing solutions can be integrated with all typical MFP-printers. Consequently, there will be no unforeseen integration expenses with the purchase of new printers. Additionally, the company will only need one printing solution, thus avoiding the cost of maintaining multiple simultaneous printing solutions and problems with the division of responsibilities between different solution suppliers.

Low installation and support costs

Sagio’s printing solutions are prepared for quick installation and remote support – ensuring minimal support-travel-cost or extensive downtime.