Most customers require their administrative systems to be integrated.

Sagio’s administration program, Essay©, is a user-friendly Windows program connecting all the company’s administrative personnel systems.

Essay© provides a unique overview with an efficient database management enabling management of all functions from only one administrative platform – including access control, payment, time registration, copy and print management and the production of smart cards.

One System – One Personalization – One-Updating Process

Essay© effectively keeps track of all users.

With Essay© it is only necessary to create a user once since Essay© updates all connected modules and databases automatically with relevant information such as name, PIN, and access rights.

Updating user data is also done via only one entry in Essay©. Essay© thus eliminates costly and buggy updates of several individual databases.

With Essay© it is easy to issue new and withdraw existing cards. Issuing of cards with a photo just requires the connection of a digital camera or a link to one of Sagio’s photo stands.

Essay© is protected against abuse by a both a chip-card and entry of a password.

The Sagio-Card

With Sagio you only need one chip-card as the Sagio-Card can act simultaneously as an access key, an ID card, and a debit card for payment.

With Essay© the Sagio Card is automatically personalized with the relevant data and subsequently produced with a photo.

The Sagio-Card can both be touch-free or contact-based and be equipped with magnetic stripes.

The card is robust and has the size of a standard credit card.